Understanding flavor classes

A flavor class is a grouping of flavors based on similar characteristics. Flavor classes streamline the process of choosing among available resources and pricing models.

When you create a cloud server, the server’s configuration is based on your answers to several questions:

  • Which server technology (virtual or OnMetal™) should the server use?

    Compare Flavor classes for virtual cloud servers and Flavor classes for OnMetal cloud servers to help you consider the differences.

  • In which region will the server be based?

    Most flavor classes are available everywhere, but a few are only available in some regions. Checking for regional availability of flavor classes shows how to tell which flavor classes are available in your server’s region.

  • Of the flavor classes available to that server technology, which is best suited to the workload planned for the new server?

  • Of the flavors available within that flavor class, which provides the right-sized and right-priced configuration?

    Choose a flavor class based on your expectations of the server’s primary workload. For example, you can choose a flavor class optimized for I/O if you expect the cloud server to support an I/O-intensive workload. Within the flavor class, you then choose a specific flavor based on the configuration options you prefer. You can learn more about this at Choosing a flavor class.