Actions for Cloud Networks

You can perform the following actions to create and manage cloud networks. Actions can relate to a network, a subnet, or a port.


Rackspace technical documentation for each cloud service describes all the actions that can be performed with that service’s public API. However, because role-based access control (RBAC) makes it possible to allow some users to perform actions that cannot be performed by other users, your ability to perform the actions listed here depends on the specific permissions granted to the ID you use.

You can learn more about RBAC at Getting Started with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

To learn how to perform Cloud Networks actions by using your choice of interface, begin at one of the following topics:

Network actions

  • Retrieve a list of networks

  • Create a network

  • Show a network

  • Update a network

  • Delete a network

Subnet actions

  • Retrieve a list of subnets

  • Create a subnet

  • Show a subnet

  • Update a subnet

  • Delete a subnet

Port actions

  • Retrieve a list of ports

  • Create a port

  • Show a port

  • Update a port

  • Delete a port

Security group actions

  • List security groups

  • Create a security group

  • Show a security group

  • Delete a security group

  • List security group rules

  • Create a security group rule

  • Show a security group rule

  • Delete a security group rule