Succeeding in the cloud

Creating a Cloud Servers configuration and equipping it with appropriate security, backup, application software, monitoring, and scaling can be a one-time experience, if you like what you build the first time and want to continue to use it.

Even if you don’t need to change your configuration, you should expect to interact with Rackspace occasionally, probably by logging in to your Cloud Control Panel to maintain your contact information, to assign specific roles to specific users, to see or change your billing options, and to explore new services and features.

To learn about some of the basic activities that you might need to perform in the Cloud Control Panel, begin with the Cloud Servers introduction page.

In the Rackspace cloud, you can quickly try something, decide that it isn’t quite right for you, and then try something else. It’s a flexible, reliable environment, but there are some limits: some practices are more productive than others, trouble can happen, and you may sometimes need help.