Backup methods

The virtual storage presented to your cloud server is backed by physical hardware in RAID 10 configurations. RAID 10 means that multiple physical disks in the same physical host would have to fail before there would be a chance of data loss on your server. Extensive hardware failure of this nature is extremely unlikely, especially within the protective environment of Rackspace data centers, but you might still be at risk for data loss caused by human errors or human malice.

Rackspace strongly recommends that you use one or more of the following methods to create and manage backup copies of your system and data disks, providing an extra layer of protection and recoverability for your cloud servers.

Backup method: snapshots

You can create snapshots (also known as saved images or server images) by using the API or Cloud Control Panel. Snapshots save a complete copy of your system disk. The image is saved in your account and you can build a new cloud server from the image.

Data disks are not captured when you create snapshots. Only the system disk is captured. You should use additional forms of backup if your data disks hold critical data that must be protected.

Backup method: Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a file-based backup application that enables you to choose which files and folders to back up from your server. If you have created a backup copy of your data, you can restore all your folders and files from the backup, you can restore individual files or folders from a given date, or you can restore to an entirely different server. For more information about Cloud Backup, begin at Rackspace Cloud Backup - Overview.

Backup method: Cloud Block Storage

You can use Cloud Block Storage to create and manage disk images that are portable among your cloud servers. Cloud Block Storage is part of our core infrastructure; learn more about it at Understanding Cloud Block Storage.

Backup methods: custom

You can establish a custom backup process by using a utility such as rsync, an open-source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.

Storage-related offerings from Rackspace partners are listed in the Rackspace Marketplace. You might find one or more of these that directly addresses your specific needs.