Compute Services

Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack, are virtual machines running Linux or Windows Server in the Rackspace Cloud. You can scale resources like CPU, memory, and storage up or down, depending on your needs. Best of all, you can pay as you go.

Network Services

Cloud networking services are on-demand and scalable, and provide technology-agnostic network abstraction, load balancing, and DNS management. Protect your infrastructure with Cloud Load Balancers by distributing traffic efficiently. Use Cloud DNS to manage domains and subdomains.

Storage and Data Services

With our storage services, you can get dependable and high-performing block storage, object storage, and backup solutions for Cloud Servers. You can scale your storage independently from your compute resources while using high-performance storage for I/O-intensive applications or to serve databases. Plus, with Cloud Files, you can store and retrieve content over a Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you want to enable CDN for your website resources beyond Cloud Files you can use the Rackspace CDN service which has finer control on caching rules, purging content, and specifying origins.

Our database platform services enable powerful applications and data analysis.

Infrastructure & Developer Services

This collection of powerful services offers multiple utilities that work well with Rackspace Cloud resources. The Identity service is your starting point for accessing any cloud resource. Use Auto Scale to provide automatic scaling based on Cloud Monitoring information, in response to an increase or decrease of overall workload, defined by your policies. Cloud Orchestration provides templates for building entire applications that are highly available and scalable. Use Cloud Queues as a notifications service, with basic components offering the flexibility to use different messaging patterns. Mailgun provides your application access to send or receive email, either through SMTP or the Mailgun API, while verifying the domain and helping to protect email reputation.