Cloud Files tools

There are a number of tools and extensions designed to help you manage your Cloud Files. Following are a few of the available options:

  • Rackspace CDN is a WordPress plug-in that allows any media in your WordPress uploads folder to be uploaded to Rackspace Cloud Files, powered by CDN. Once the file is uploaded, it is deleted from the local server. You can find more information about Rackspace CDN at Rackspace Cloud Files CDN.

  • Django-Cloudfiles is an extension to the management system of the website framework, Django. Django-Cloudfiles enables you to synchronize the static content delivery of your Django-powered website to your Cloud Files account. You can find Django-Cloudfiles at GitHub.

  • Media Manager is a plug-in that will mirror your media library to your Cloud Files CDN. All URLs to this content use the Cloud Files path when you insert them using the Media manager. You can import all of your media to the CDN.

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