Planning to share or use shared images

Although it is easy to share a cloud image, it is not always appropriate. Consider the following points before creating an image-sharing relationship.

Financial considerations for shared images

Only the image producer is charged for the cost of the original shared image (the cost to store the image in Cloud Files). Consumers of the images do not incur a cost for the sharing process, or for using the shared image until they perform one of the following actions:

  • Create a cloud server from the shared image, at which point normal Cloud Servers pricing applies

  • Create an image of a server that was created from the shared image, at which point the normal Cloud Files pricing to store the image applies

Regional considerations for shared images

Images can only be directly shared to consumers within the same Rackspace cloud region as the producer.

If you need to use the same image in multiple regions, you can create a copy of the image in each region.

Transferring images between regions of the Rackspace open cloud demonstrates a method of placing an image within a Cloud Files container in one region and then retrieving it from the container in another region. This is a complex, multi-step method but it might be worth the effort to master it if you need consistent images in multiple regions.