API reference#

Learn about the available Rackspace Cloud Networks API resources and operations, and see request and response examples. You can use the Rackspace Cloud Networks API operations to interact directly with the service.

The Rackspace Cloud Networks API v2 (Neutron) serves the following functions:

  • Provides virtual networking services among devices that are managed by the Rackspace Cloud Servers service.

  • Combines the API v1.1 (Quantam) functionality with some essential Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) functionality by introducing the subnet entity.

  • When you create a port on the network, an available fixed IP address is allocated to it from one of the designated subnets for each IP version (IPv4 or IPv6). When you delete the port, the allocated addresses return to the pool of available IP addresses on the subnet.

  • Enables users to associate IP address blocks and other network configuration settings. You can choose a specific IP address from the block or let the Cloud Networks service choose the first available IP address.

The neutron API is accessible by using cURL commands, the neutron client, a browser plug-in for REST, and various programming languages and tools.


  • The neutron API is available for all Managed Infrastructure and Managed Operations customers except for RackConnect v3 customers.

  • The Security Groups API and Shared IP API are available for all customers except RackConnect customers.


You can also perform operations by using the Cloud Control Panel.