Controlling dynamic IP address allocation by using allocation pools#

Allocation pools are a property of the subnets resource and can be used to control dynamic address allocation within a CIDR.

An allocation pool is a subset of the CIDR. Any addresses that are not part of the allocation pool are not dynamically assigned to ports or to server instances. However, addresses that are not part of the allocation pool, but that are within the CIDR, can still be assigned statically when a port is created by using the fixed_ips attribute of the ports resource. The port ID can then be passed to the server at boot time as shown in the example.

The following flow chart shows the steps for using allocation pools to control dynamic IP address allocation. Detailed steps are provided in this section.


The sections are also organized by example type. To simplify your path through this topic, decide whether you prefer neutron-client or cURL examples.

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