Sharing IP address between servers#


The Shared IP Address API is currently in Limited Access. It is available for Managed Infrastructure customers and Managed Operations customers. It is not available for RackConnect customers. To use this feature, contact Rackspace Support.

To determine whether the servers are in the same publicIPZoneId, use the Get /servers/{serverID} API operation to get the server details for each server and compare the contents of the RAX-PUBLIC-IP-ZONE-ID:publicIPZoneId attributes.


To share a Cloud Networks (isolated network) IP address, you don’t need the servers to be in the same publicIPZoneId.

The user needs to configure a heartbeat mechanism between using an application, such as keepalived, to control ownership of the Shared IP. Corosync and pacemaker can be used for this purpose, but they work in isolated networks only if multicast is used. They work normally on provider networks. Currently, VRRP is not supported.

The following flow chart shows the steps for sharing a public IPv4 address between two newly created servers or two existing servers with the same publicIPZoneId. Detailed steps are provided in this section.


The sections are also organized by example type. To simplify your path through this chapter, decide whether you prefer neutron-client or cURL examples.

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