Request and response types#

The Rackspace Cloud Images API supports the JSON data serialization formats.

The request format is specified by using the Content-Type header and is required for operations that have a request body.

The response format can be specified in requests either by using the Accept header or adding a .json extension to the request URI. A response can be serialized using a format that is different from the request. If no response format is specified, JSON is the default. If conflicting formats are specified by using both an Accept header and a query extension, the query extension takes precedence.

Media Types#

The Cloud Images API accepts and serves JSON-encoded data. The media type required in the request varies by the following request types:

  • Requests that send JSON-encoded data use the following media type in their Content-Type header: 'application/json'.

  • Requests that use HTTP PATCH syntax use the following media type in their Content-Type header: 'application/openstack-images-v2.1-json-patch'.

JSON Schemas#

The necessary JSON-schema documents are provided at predictable URIs. A consumer validates server responses and client requests based on the published schemas. The schemas contained in this document are only examples and should not be used to validate your requests. A client should always fetch current schemas from the server.