Creating network (nova client)#

  1. Issue the following command.

    Create network with nova request

    $ nova network-create <network_label> <cidr>

    Positional arguments:

    • network_label. The network label, such as new_network,

    • cidr. The IP block from which to allocate, such as or 2001:DB8::/64.

    The operation returns the CIDR, ID, and label for the new network, as shown in the following output.

    Create network with nova response

    | Property | Value                                |
    | cidr     |                       |
    | id       | 1f84c238-b05a-4374-a0cb-aa6140032cd1 |
    | label    | new_network                          |
  2. Copy the id value from the output. In this example, the id value is 1f84c238-b05a-4374-a0cb-aa6140032cd1, but use the value returned for your network.

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