Booting server (cURL)#

  1. Issue the following cURL command.

    Boot a server with cURL request

    $ curl -s https://$API_ENDPOINT/v2/$TENANT_ID/servers \
           -X POST \
           -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
           -H "X-Auth-Token: $AUTH_TOKEN" \
           -H "X-Auth-Project-Id: test-project" \
           -d '{"server": {"name": "Ubuntu 11.10 server",
              "imageRef": "3afe97b2-26dc-49c5-a2cc-a2fc8d80c001", "flavorRef": "6",
              "config-drive": "true"}}' \
       | python -m json.tool

    The command returns a list of server properties, including the administrative password, the server ID, and links, as shown in the following output.

    Boot a server with cURL response

        "server": {
            "OS-DCF:diskConfig": "AUTO",
            "adminPass": "T8GTdH29GmzG",
            "id": "1a861bf7-2a5e-40a4-acb3-1fb058cf2a74",
            "links": [
                    "href": "",
                    "rel": "self"
                    "href": "",
                    "rel": "bookmark"
  2. Copy the server ID value from the id field in the output.

    Copy the administrative password value from the adminPass field. You use this value to log into your server.

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