Network extension#

Cloud Networks lets you create a virtual Layer 2 network, known as an isolated network, which gives you greater control and security when you deploy web applications.

When you create a Cloud Server, Cloud Networks enables you to attach one or more networks to your server. You can attach an isolated network that you have created or a Rackspace network.

If you install the Cloud Networks virtual interface extension, you can create a virtual interface to a specified Rackspace or isolated network and attach that network to an existing server instance. You can also list virtual interfaces for and delete virtual interfaces from a server instance.

Cloud Networks enables you to attach one or more of the following networks to your server:

  • PublicNet. Provides access to the Internet, Rackspace services such as Cloud Monitoring, Managed Operations Service Level Support, RackConnect, Cloud Backup, and certain operating system updates.

    When you list networks through Cloud Networks, PublicNet is labeled public.

  • ServiceNet. Provides access to Rackspace services such as Cloud Files, Cloud Databases, and Cloud Backup, and to certain packages and patches through an internal only, multi-tenant network connection within each Rackspace data center.

    When you list networks through Cloud Networks, ServiceNet is labeled private.

    You can use ServiceNet for communications among web servers, application servers, and database servers without incurring bandwidth charges. However, without an isolated network, you must apply security rules to protect data integrity. When you add or remove a server, you must update the security rules on individual servers to permit or deny connections from newly added servers or removed servers.

  • Isolated. Enables you to deploy web applications on a virtual Layer 2 network that you create through Cloud Networks. Keeps your server separate from PublicNet, ServiceNet, or both. When you create a isolated network, it is associated with your tenant ID.


If you want to delete an isolated network, the network cannot be attached to any server. If there is a virtual interface for the isolated network, delete that first and then you can delete the network.

API operations for networks extension#

For examples of these operations, see the following operations: