Rackspace Cloud Servers API v2.0#

Last updated: Jun 27, 2024

The Rackspace Cloud Servers service powered by OpenStack is a fast, reliable, and scalable cloud compute solution without the risk of proprietary lock-in. It provides the core features of the OpenStack Compute API v2.0 and also deploys certain extensions as permitted by the OpenStack Compute API contract. Some of these extensions are generally available through OpenStack while others implement Rackspace-specific features to meet customers’ expectations and for operational compatibility. The OpenStack Compute API and the Rackspace extensions are known collectively as the API v2.0.

This guide is intended to assist software developers who want to develop applications by using the REST application programming interface (API) for the Cloud Servers service.

To use the information provided here, you should have a Rackspace Cloud account with access to the Cloud Servers service. You should also be familiar with the following technologies:

  • Rackspace Cloud Servers service

  • RESTful web services

  • HTTP/1.1

  • JSON data serialization format

Use the following links to go directly to user and reference information for the Cloud Servers service REST API:


You can also use Cloud Servers from the Cloud Control Panel.