Absolute limits#

Absolute limits control the total number of specific objects that a user can have or process in Cloud Files. Absolute limits are fixed.

The following table lists the absolute limits in Cloud Files.




Containers per account

Maximum number of containers per account

500,000 containers

Container listing

Maximum number of containers that can be listed at one time

10,000 containers

Pseudo hierarchical folders and directories

Simulated hierarchical structure within a single container, created by adding a forward slash (/) in the object name

No limit

Account, container, and object metadata limits

Maximum metadata limits

90 distinct metadata items at the most. Each piece of metadata can have a 128-character name length with a 256 maximum value length. The total length of all names and values cannot exceed 4096 bytes.

Number of object segments per static large object (SLO)

Maximum number of object segments per SLO

1,000 object segments

TTL for a CDN-enabled container

Maximum TTL for a CDN-enabled container

1 year (31,536,000 seconds)

Container name length

Maximum length of container name

256 bytes

Object name length

Maximum length of object name

1024 bytes

Upload limit for a request

Maximum object size for an upload in a single request

5 GB (For larger files, create a manifest file.)

CDN file size limit

Maximum size of file that can be served from CDN

10 GB

Rate limit for write operations

Maximum number of write operations per second per container, where a write operation is a COPY, DELETE, POST, or PUT. If you reach this rate limit, Cloud Files slows the processing of write requests for the container to 100 write operations per second per container.

100 write operations per second per container