CDN API reference#

A CDN-enabled container is a public container that is served by the Akamai content delivery network. The files in a CDN-enabled container are publicly accessible and do not require an authentication token for read access. However, uploading content into a CDN-enabled container is a secure operation and does require a valid authentication token. (Private containers are not CDN-enabled and the files in a private container are not publicly accessible.)

Learn about the available Rackspace Cloud Files API resources and operations for the content delivery network (CDN), and see request and response examples. You can use the Rackspace Cloud Files API operations to interact directly with the service.

This section provides further description for several of the API operations described in the Storage API reference. These API operations have a specific purpose for the CDN service that is available in Cloud Files.

You direct the REST API methods described in this section to the endpoints listed in the cloudFilesCDN section of the service catalog that you obtain during successful authentication. (For more information, see Authenticate to the Rackspace Cloud section and the Service access endpoints section.)


You can also perform operations by using the

Cloud Control Panel.