Rackspace Cloud Files API 1.0#

Last updated: Aug 21, 2023

Rackspace Cloud Files™ is an affordable, redundant, scalable, and dynamic storage service. The core storage system is designed to provide a secure, network-accessible way to store an unlimited number of files. Each file can be as large as 5 gigabytes. You can store as much as you want and pay only for storage space that you actually use.

Cloud Files also provides a simple yet powerful way to publish and distribute content behind a content delivery network (CDN). As a Cloud Files user, you get access to this network automatically.

Cloud Files enables you to store and retrieve files and CDN-enabled content through a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) web services interface. There are also language-specific application programming interfaces (APIs) that use the RESTful API and make it easy for developers to integrate into their applications.

This document describes the features available with API 1.0.

This guide is intended to assist software developers who want to develop applications by using the application programming interface (API) for the Rackspace Cloud Backup service.

To use the information provided here, you should have a general understanding of the Cloud Files FAQ and have a Rackspace Cloud account with access to the Cloud Files service. You should also be familiar with the following technologies:

  • RESTful web services

  • HTTP/1.1

  • JSON data serialization format

System administrators and others interested in the storage and CDN benefits of Cloud Files should consider using the File Manager interface within the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel, Jungle Disk, or third-party tools such as Cyberduck. The Rackspace Cloud Control Panel provides an easy to use web-based interface for uploading content to and downloading content from Cloud Files.

Use the following links to go directly to user and reference information for using the Rackspace Cloud Files API: