Paginated collections#

To reduce load on the service, retrieve operations return a maximum limit of items at a time.

This behavior is called pagination. Pagination gives you the ability to limit the size of the returned data and to retrieve a specified subset of a large data set. Pagination has two key concepts: limit and marker.

  • Limit is the restriction on the maximum number of items for that type that can be returned.

  • Marker is a reference to an object’s ID and is in the list of paged results for a particular resource. Marker is the last item in the previous list returned.

To navigate the collection, you can set the limit and marker parameters in the URI. For example, ?limit=10&marker=1234 displays the next 10 services after the service xyz in the paginated results.

If a marker beyond the end of a list is given, an empty list is returned.

For Rackspace CDN, pagination applies only to operation listed in the following table.






Retrieves a list of all services.

For an example, see the Retrieve all services operation in the API reference.