Absolute limits#

The following table provides details about the absolute limits for the Rackspace CDN API.

Absolute limits#




Client maximum body size restriction

Maximum size of request body. Exceeding the limit results in a 413 (Rquest Entity Too Large) error.

8 KB

Maximum for the entire length for a domain URI

Maximum size of request URI. Exceeding the limit results in a 414 (URI Too Long) error.

320 characters

TTL when creating a service

Maximum TTL value.

365 days

Limit on the number of services per page that can be listed when retrieving all services

Maximum number of services that can be listed, per page.

20 services

Limit on the number of domains per service

Maximum domains per service.

10 domains

Rate limit on the Purge a cached asset operation

Number of requests per minute.

20 requests per minute