About the Rackconnect API#

You can use the Rackspace RackConnect service to connect dedicated Rackspace resources to the Rackspace Cloud servers by using Cisco ASA Firewall or an F5 load balancer. Using the RackConnect 3.0 API, you can complete the following tasks:

  • Seamlessly add and remove cloud servers from your load balancer pools

  • List your available load balancer pools

  • Add and remove public IP addresses from your cloud servers

  • List your public IP addresses

  • List the cloud networks associated with your RackConnect configuration

RackConnect is based on and requires Rackspace Cloud Networks for cloud-side connectivity. Because of this, RackConnect is compatible only with the same types of Cloud Servers that Cloud Networks supports, which excludes first-generation Cloud Servers.

RackConnect has configuration options that can improve security for your Cloud Servers environment, including support for servers built with only a single network interface connected to an isolated cloud network.

You can choose to create a truly isolated and secure Cloud Servers environment that has connectivity only with other servers on the same isolated network, or you can allow network access to your dedicated networks or the Internet.

To further increase the security of your RackConnect environment, you also have the ability to use the Rackspace dedicated intrusion detection system (IDS) and web application firewall (WAF) offerings.