Role Based Access Control#

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) restricts access to the capabilities of Rackspace Cloud services, including the RackConnect API, to authorized users only. RBAC enables Rackspace Cloud customers to specify which account users of their Cloud account have access to which RackConnect API service capabilities, based on roles defined by Rackspace.

The permissions to perform certain operations in the RackConnect API – create, read, update, delete – are assigned to specific roles. The Cloud account owner (identity:user-admin) can create account users on the account and then assign roles, either global (multiproduct) or product-specific, to those users. Each account has only one account owner, and that role is assigned by default to any Rackspace Cloud account when the account is created.

For more information about RBAC, see the RBAC section in the “Identity Client Developer Guide”. See the following links for information about how to manage users and roles by using the Identity service:


The account owner (identity:user-admin) role cannot hold any additional roles because it already has full access to all capabilities.