API v1.0 release, December 08, 2015#

What’s new#

  • Added a new converge endpoint that you can use when there are unexpected number of servers in a group. See convergence in concepts section.

  • Added the status and errors attributes in group state.

  • Added pause and resume scaling group operations.

Behavioral changes#

  • If an autoscaled server is removed from the load balancer manually, and that server is supposed to be included based on the scaling group configuration, Autoscale reverts the change and adds the server back to the configured cloud load balancer. Note that autoscale does not care if server is added to any other CLB. It only ensures that server is always there in configured CLB.

  • When Autoscale attempts to add a server to a cloud load balancer that is missing or deleted, the scaling group status changes to ERROR. In previous Autoscale releases, the server that couldn’t be added was deleted. In the current release, the server remains in the scaling group instead of being deleted.

Known issues#

None for this release.