If any Rackspace Auto Scale request results in an error, the service returns an appropriate 4 xx or 5 xx HTTP status code, and the following information in the body:

  • Title

  • Exception type

  • HTTP status code

  • Message

For Auto Scale users, common faults are caused by invalid configurations. For example, trying to boot a server from an image that does not exist causes a fault, as does trying to attach a load balancer to a scaling group that does not exist.

An example of error message syntax:

Example: Error message syntax

{ "error": {
 "type": "failure type",
 "code": HTTP status code,
 "message": "detailed message",
 "details": "any specific details about the error"

An example of an error message:

Example: Error message: NoSuchScalingGroup

{ "error": {
 "type": "NoSuchScalingGroupError",
 "code": 404,
 "message": "No such scaling group 5154258e-d7b7-43a3-a8a9-708b66fae2a2 for tenant 823364",
 "details": ""

Error information for each API operation is included with the description of that operation in the API reference section.